Guided Tours


During the year there are a lot of turistic tour.One of this tour is the visit to Rocca Sillana (distance 15 minutes).

 During the summer season we can organize guided tours for you.

Among these, a visit to the Rocca Sillana (15 minutes) is not to be missed. Since the times of the Etruscans and then inhabited by the Romans, it was an important castle in medieval times to defend the copper and silver mines that were in its territory. In 1300, against the resistance of the bishop and the city of Volterra, who wanted to preserve the mineral wealth for themselves, it passed into the possession of the Petroni family of Siena. From 1386 on, however, it fell to the city and then to the Republic of Florence, which from 1472 onwards, with the final conquest of Volterra and its territory, established a stable garrison of soldiers there.
It was renovated in 1474 by the architect Giuliano da Sangallo. It has been owned by the municipality of Pomarance since 1980 and since 1985 the districts of Pisa and Florence have been carrying out restoration works and archaeological excavations together with the collaboration of the municipality of Pomarance.
In 2001, the fortress was illuminated as part of a project to illuminate the “Art Historic Monuments of Italy”,with the participation the power manufacturer Enel and the municipality of Pomarance. In 2001, the fortress was illuminated as part of a project to light up the “Art Historic Monuments of Italy”, with the participation of the power company Enel and the municipality of Pomarance.
Lately the Rocca Sillana has been the the venue for musical and artistic events on summer evenings, weddings and private occasions.

In the village of San Dalmazio you can admire the 18th century Shrine of Our Lady, built by the Baroni family as an offering to the Virgin Mary.

From our Agriturismo you can also visit many other places of artistic and naturalistic interest in Tuscany.




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