During the year there are a lot of turistic tour.One of this tour is the visit to Rocca Sillana (distance 15 minutes).

The hill was originally inhabited by both the Etruscans and the Romans and in the Middle Ages a fortress was built to defend the copper and silver mines present in the area. The mineral resources were contested by the bishops and the commune of Volterra and in 1300 the fortress became the property of the Petroni family from Siena. From 1386 it was the property of the commune of Florence and subsequently that of the Republic of Florence when Volterra was defeated in 1472 and a garrison of soldiers was established at the fortress. In 1474 the fortress was rebuilt by the architect Giuliano da Sangallo.

Since 1980 it has been the property of the commune of Pomarance and in 1985 restoration work and archaeological investigation were begun by the Superintendence of Pisa and Florence in collaboration with the commune of Pomarance.

Electricity was brought to the Rocca in 2001 as part of a lighting project to illuminate the historical monuments in Italy promoted by Enel and the commune of Pomarance.



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